Murmansk Kola: Polar Kaleidoscope

Murmansk is a city-hero, located above the Arctic Circle at the 69th parallel on a rocky east coast of the Kola Bay of the Barents Sea. This is the biggest non-freezing port of the Russian arctic coast and the biggest city above the Arctic Circle in the world. You will see the Arctic gates – hundreds of cranes, ships in harbors, making up the peculiar beauty of the northern marine city. You will visit the nuclear icebreaker “Lenin” (it became a museum nowadays) and the most northern oceanarium, heart of the city – Five corners square, Memorial to the Defenders of the Soviet Arctic 1941-1945, Monuments to the icebreakers “Chelyuskin” and “Yermak”, Memorial to the victims of the intervention in 1918, monument to the anti-Hitler coalition, Church of the Savior on Waters, Lake Semenovskoe, an observation deck at Cape Zeleny, etc.

Day 1
12:10 – Meeting at the airport and transfer to the center of the city.
13:30 – Lunch in a city cafe.
14:00 – Bus tour “Murmansk is the Capital of the Polar region” along all the main city sights.
17:00 – Visiting the first nuclear icebreaker “Lenin”. On December 3, 1959, the nuclear-powered icebreaker Lenin, the first surface vessel with a nuclear power plant, was put into operation. It was built to ensure the efficient operation of the Northern Sea Route in case of the difficult ice conditions.
18:30 – Check in at the hotel “Azimut”, leisure time.
20:00 – Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2
Kirovsk city (December – April).
07:30 – Breakfast at the hotel.
08:00 – Departure to Kirovsk (220km).
12:00 – Arrival in Kirovsk.
Visiting the Exhibition Center “Apatit” OJSC. The Museum and Exhibition Center of the Apatit JSC is one of the most prominent and most visited tourism facilities in the city of Kirovsk, Murmansk Region. The Museum and Exhibition Center is located in the very heart of Kirovsk, in the most recognizable building with a clock tower. The Museum and Exhibition Center has eight exhibition halls, a conference hall, an exhibition hall and a gallery. The exhibition halls are equipped with models of mining with multimedia equipment. In 2016, a new multimedia exposition was opened in the tower of the Museum-Exhibition Center “Journey from the bowels of the Earth to the atmosphere”, and in 2017 the exhibition “The Life and Manners of the Russian Empire” with a rich collection of Russian household items was opened.
13:30 – Lunch.
14:00 – Excursion to the Snow Village. The Snow Village is included in the Russian Guinness Book of Records – it is a unique project, which has been successfully implemented since 2008. As soon as the first snow falls in Khibiny, snow construction begins at the foot of ьount Vudyavrchorr. Preparation for it is the most thorough and painstaking: the theme of the “Snow Village” is determined in advance, snow is being prepared and sculptors come to the site. Snow is an unusual material, but it allows you to create incredible in its beauty figures and images, to realize the most ambitious plans. The idea of ​​the “Snow Village” is always unique, each time it is a new building with its halls, corridors, intricate designs and, of course, a unique spirit. All the buildings made of snow are made by human hands: the walls of the future Village appear from ordinary snow cubes, and the interior of the winter halls receive visible outlines.
Entertainment program along the way.
16:00 – Departure to Murmansk.
20:30 – Dinner at the hotel. Leisure time.

Teriberka (June – November).
07:30 – Breakfast at the hotel.
08:00 – Departure to Teriberka village (120km.)
A village in the Kola district of the Murmansk region. Center of the same name rural settlement. It is located on the Murmansk coast of the Kola Peninsula at the mouth of the river of the same name, at its confluence with the Teriberskaya Bay of the Barents Sea. The way to Teriberka itself gives us a significant part of all the impressions of the trip. The road runs along stunning views of nature – endless tundra, menacing hills and rocks, passes and gorges.
11:30 – Arrival in Teriberka, hiking tour to the sea coast where you can see the “dragon eggs shore”.
12:30-15:30 – Hiking tour to the Battery Falls, which originates in the lake of the same name. The waterfall carries its waters into the open Barents Sea.
15:30 – Return to the bus.
16:30 – Departure to Murmansk.
19:30 – Dinner at the hotel. Leisure time.

Day 3
08:00 – Breakfast at the hotel, check out.
08:30 – Departure to the “Sami village”. Recently, the “Sami village” museum where everyone can get acquainted with the life and culture of the Sami has gained great popularity. The Murmansk region is the only region where the Sami are represented in Russia. There are wooden images of Sami idols right on the street. They say that in order to fulfill a cherished wish, it is necessary to embrace the statue, whisper a desire and cajole it with a yellow coin. Sami sincerely believe that such communication with spirits helps to solve everyday issues. There is also a small petting zoo, which contains the indigenous species of the Kola Peninsula: northern blue polar foxes, rabbits, reindeers and others. Guests will be shown and told in detail about these amazing animals, which helped people to survive in harsh environmental conditions. You are allowed to feed and pet the animals – this especially brings a lot of joy to children. The local reindeer breeder is ready to talk for hours about his wards, who are absolutely tame and not afraid of people. On the streets of the village there are Kuvakis – a national type of dwelling in which the Sami lived and sheltered from the weather.
10:30 – Excursion along the Sami village. Acquaintance with the culture and life of the Sami people, the rite of “sacrifice” according to the ancient rite (requires small coins), Sami games: throwing the “nyertal” (lasso), Sami ball game, acquaintance with reindeer, feeding, reindeer sledding, photographing in national Sami clothes (included in the tour price).
12:30 – Dinner: fish soup, Sami tea, bread (included in price) You can additionally order a roast venison, or a fish with a side dish (ordered in advance, 5 eur per person).
13:30 – Departure to Murmansk.
16:00- Transfer to the Murmansk airport.

*Order of the excursions can be changed by the tour operator.

All activities (with tickets to museums and excursion service (according the program);
Guide services;
Accomodation at the Azimut hotel;
Meals according the program;
Transfers according the program.

22:00-01:00 – “Hunting for Northern Lights” excursion (in case of favorable weather conditions, available since September till April), 20€ per person, 5 persons min.

Attention! The Company is not responsible in case of an unsuccessful hunt for the Northern Lights. No refunds.


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