The Great Trans-Siberian Journey

Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest network of railways in the world (more than 9000 km). This tour will take you along the full route of the Trans-Siberian railway to the 7 of Russia’s most interesting cities – Moscow with its Kremlin and Cathedrals; Yekaterinburg – the fourth biggest city in Russia, situated at the meeting point of two continents: Europe and Asia; Novosibirsk with its Opera House, the largest theatre in Russia; Irkutsk, located in the heart of Siberia and home to the great Lake Baikal; Ulan-Ude, the capital of Buryatia and a Buddhist spiritual center of Russia; Khabarovsk – one of the most beautiful cities in the Asian part of the Trans-Siberian railway, located on the right bank of the Amur River and, finally, Vladivostok – the King of the East with its harbor of the Golden Horn and Amursky Bay. 

  • 1 day

    Moscow. Arrival in Moscow. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation. Overnight in the hotel.

  • 2 day

    Moscow. Breakfast at the hotel. 

    Sightseeing tour of Moscow including all major sights of Russian capital such as Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral, Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Novodevichy Convent, Poklonnaya Gora (Worshipful Submission Hill), Sparrow Hills and Moscow State University, Tverskaya and Mokhovaya Streets.

    In the afternoon, continue with the excursion to the Moscow Kremlin and Kremlin CathedralsNowadays the complex serves as the official residence of the president of the Russian Federation. Return to the hotel by metro, visiting on the way some of the spectacularly beautiful underground metro stations in Moscow. Overnight at the hotel

  • 3 day

    Moscow – Ekaterinburg. Breakfast at the hotel. Free time. Trasfer to the railway station and departure to Ekaterinburg. Overnight in the train.

  • 4 day

    Ekaterinburg. Arrival in Ekaterinburg at 18:38 (local time). Trasfer to the hotel. Accommodation and overnight in the hotel.

  • 5 day

    Ekaterinburg – Novosibirsk. Breakfast at the hotel.  

    Ekaterinburg City Tour. You will visit all major sights of Yekaterinburg including the “Church on spilled blood”- the death site of the last royal family of Russia (the Romanovs), the Dam — the place where the city started. Of course you will know why Stalin’s elephant died in one of the churches of Yekaterinburg and why the architect of the city administration got busted after the building was complete, and lots of other interesting facts.

    Visit to the Ganina’s Pit. The “Ganina Yama” is a sacred place in the forest 20km north of Yekaterinburg, where the remains of the Romanov family were found in 1992. Now there is a monastery on that place, 7 wooden churches(one for each member of the royal family) and 200 monks living. Russian Orthodox church believes all the territory around the place to be sacred. Lunch.

    Visit of the border between Europe and Asia. Being in Yekaterinburg and not seeing the Europe and Asia border is like being in Paris and not seeing Eiffel tower. The geographical border between Europe and Asia is just 13km west from the city.

    Trasfer to the railway station and departure to Novosibirsk. Overnight in the train.

  • 6 day

    Novosibirsk. Arrival in Novosibirsk at 18:50 (local time). 

    It’s the largest city in Siberia, both by population and territory, that lies on the banks of beautiful Ob’ river. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation at the hotel and overnight.

  • 7 day

    Novosibirsk. Breakfast at the hotel. 

    City tour of Novosibirsk, covering all the main attractions of the city: Novosibirsk Railway Station – the biggest station of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, Ascension Cathedral, Krasny Prospect street, Lenin Square – city center with the biggest world’s Opera House, old wooden houses on Gorkogo Str. – the oldest part of the city, St.Nicolas Chapel – the geographic center of Russia, river Ob’ embankment . Oprional: boat-trip on Ob’ river.

    Lunch in a restaurant. Free time. Overnight in the hotel.

  • 8 day

    Novosibirsk – Irkutsk. Breakfast at the hotel. Free time. Trasfer to railway station and departure to Irkutsk. Overnight in train.

  • 9 day

    Irkutsk. Arrival in Irkutsk at 20:57 (local time). Trasfer to the hotel. Accommodation and overnight in the hotel.

  • 10 day

    Irkutsk. Breakfast at the hotel. 

    City tour. Irkutsk has a great number of monuments of wooden architecture. There are about 500 architectural monuments in the city, among which historically constructed ensembles are represented. The greatest interest has the ancient part of the city including Church of the Savior and Znameniye Cathedral.

    Lunch in a restaurant.

    Excursion to the Decembrist House Museum. Decembrist House Museum is connected with the family of Sergey Volkonsky, one of the Decembrists leaders. They lived for 30 years in Siberia, 17 of them had been living in Irkutsk in this house. Original belongings of the Volkonsky family and other Decembrists are kept in the museum. Overnight in the hotel.

  • 11 day

    Irkutsk/Lake Baikal – Ulan-Ude. Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to ListvyankaVisit to the museum of Wooden Architecture “Taltsy”.

    There are 13 architectural complexes with 36 wooden buildings. Some of them have exhibits which can help you understand the agricultural and cultural peculiarities of Transbaikal people of 19-20th centuries.

    Lunch.Visiting Fish Market.

    Return to Irkutsk. Transfer to railway station and departure to Ulan-Ude. Overnight in train.

  • 12 day

    Ulan-Ude. Arrival in Ulan-Ude at 06:39 (local time). Trasfer to the hotel, accommodation and breakfast.  

    City tour. You will see the historical center of Ulan Ude located along the river banks like the fancy amphitheater with its story houses that belonged to merchants of the 18-19th centuries, the main square with the most extravagant monument to Lenin, the Holy Trinity and the Hodigitria Cathedrals, the Buryat Opera and Ballet Theater, the Museum of Ethnography and other historical monuments. Overnight in the hotel.

  • 13 day

    Ulan-Ude. Breakfast at the hotel. Start touring with center of Buddhism in Russia – Ivolginsky Datsan Monastery

    The Ivolginsky Monastery is the center of Buddhism in Russia. It is a beautiful temple opened for the visitors. Nowadays it also includes a famous Buddhist University “Dashi Choinkhorling” (the name derives from the Tibetan language and means “the land of Happy teaching”. Here Buddhist monks-scientists, specialists in Tibetan and Old Mongolian languages and orientalists are taught.

    Dinner in a restaurant with traditional cuisine. Return to Ulan-Ude. Overnight in the hotel.

  • 14 day

    Ulan-Ude – Khabarovsk.  Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to railway station and departure to Khabarovsk. Overnight in train.

  • 15 day

    In train. 

  • 16 day

    Khabarovsk. Arrival in Khabarovsk at 07:43 (local time). Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation and breakfast. 

    City tour. The excursion will take you to the most interesting and important places of Khabarovsk. You will walk in the historical downtown – Muravyev-Amursky street admiring the graceful architecture that survived during the Civil War, you will see the Church of the Prelate Innocentius of Irkutsk, the protector of Siberia and the Far East, Cathedral of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin on the Cathedral Square, city´s main square – Lenin Square, building of the Government of Khabarovsk Territory, the Amur Cliff, monument to the Governor General of Eastern Siberia count Muravyev-Amursky. Lunch. The small Amur river cruise. Overnight in the hotel.

  • 17 day

    Khabarovsk-Vladivostok. Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the railway station and departure to Vladivostok. Arrival in Vladivostok at 19:40 (local time), transfer to the hotel. Accommodation and overnight in the hotel.

  • 18 day

    Vladivostok. Breakfast at the hotel. City tour of Vladivostok covering all the main attractions of the city: Vladivostok Railway Station – terminus of the Trans-Siberian railroad, S-56 submarine on the harbor embankment, where the city was first-founded 142 years ago. In addition to the stops the tour will pass many historic, cultural and architectural landmarks that make up the flavor of Vladivostok. Free time. Overnight in the hotel.

  • 19 day

    Vladivostok. Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to airport.

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