Cruise on Baikal lake

Guaranteed departures in July-August 2018.

Program includes Sightseeing tour of Irkutsk, meeting with Shamans, visits to Circum-Baikal Railway, Chapel cave at Kadilnaya Pad, Ogoy and Olkhon Islands, Chivyrkuisky Gulf, Onkholoy and Sagan-Hushun capes, Babushka bay and relaxing in Russian banya.




  • 1 day

    Irkutsk – Cape Tolsty – Kadilnaya Pad

    Arriving in Irkutsk;
    • Meeting with the guide;
    • Transfer to Listvyanka;
    • Sightseeing tour of Irkutsk
    Irkutsk has always been a merchant city, a lot of wooden architecture monuments and magnificent Orthodox churches are preserved here.

    During the city tour you will have a walk along the main streets of the city – Karl Marx street, where you will see the buildings of XIX century:  monument of Alexander III, the White house,  Local lore museum, admire the view of Lower embankment, visit Church of the Saviour – the only surviving building of Irkutsk kremlin, Znamensky Cathedral, which houses the miraculous icon and see the place of execution with Symbolic grave of Admiral Kolchak, located nearby.
    • The boarding on the ship. Departure to the Cape Tolsty, Circum-Baikal Railway;
    • Circum-Baikal Railway
    This ancient road, long time used by the famous Trans-Siberian, is a good way to know the history of this mythical route better. Listed since 1970 as  an architectural and historical landmark, this railroad between lake and cliff offers magnificent views that may be a perfect introduction to what Lake Baikal can offer its visitors.
    • Lunch on the boat;
    • Departure for Kadilnaya Pad;
    • Excursion to Chapel cave at Kadilnaya Pad
    Kadilnaya pad is a conservation area, located near Listvyanka village. Years ago it used to be a  village and a quarry, where locals mined a limestone. Today it is famous for its unusual,  picturesque nature: beautiful white cliffs,  numerous caves of different forms and sizes.
    During this tour you will have three-hour walk to the biggest of them – Chapel cave, where were found the traces of ancient people. Among them  are everyday objects from the iron age, the hearths, bones of the animals and humans. Tourists can see the remains of ancient organisms in outcrops of calcareous rocks.
    • Dinner on the boat;
    • Tea on the boat. Degustation of Baikal alcoholic drinks;
    • Overnight on the boat.

  • 2 day

    Baikal Lake – Ogoy island – Olkhon Island

    Breakfast on the boat;
    • Arrival at the Ogoy island;
    • Excursion on Ogoy Island and Enlightenment Stupa
    On your second day you will discover one of the most interesting places in the region. Indeed, Ogoy island, in addition to its caves and its extraordinary cut rocks, presents one of the most important symbols of the Buddhist faith – the Enlightenment Stupa. This monument located on the highest point of the island will allow you to learn more about the cultural diversity of Russia,
    in addition to offering you a remarkable view of Lake Baikal.
    • Transfer by boat to the Olkhon Island;
    • Lunch on the boat;
    • Meeting with Shamans
    For some researchers Siberia is considered as the heart of shamanism. During your day in their companies, you will be able to attend a demonstration of their religious rites based on music or the song related to shamanic practice can imitate natural sounds. With this exciting excursion, you will have the opportunity to better know the traditions of this particular culture.
    • Excursion on Olkhon Island, visit of the Shamanka rock
    Olkhon Island is the largest of the 26 islands of Lake Baikal. It is called “the heart of Lake Baikal” as this is the geographical, historical and sacred center of the lake. According to the legend the first Buryat shaman received a gift there. During your visit, you will not miss a fabulous two-pointed Shamanka Rock, a natural and historical monument, the “home of the god of the lake”. It shelters – a cave where, formerly, took place shamanic rites.
    • Boarding on the boat;
    • Dinner on the boat;
    • Entertainment program and overnight on the boat.

  • 3 day

    Ushkan Island – Chivyrkuisky Gulf

    • Arrival to Ushkan Island;
    • Visit to seal colonies (Optional)
    After your arrival at Ushkan, you will have the chance to admire the seal colonies that inhabit this region (depends on the weather conditions). The Lake Baikal seal, also called “Nerpa” in Russian, is the only one that lives in fresh water. It’s a unique chance to admire it in its natural environment.
    • Breakfast on the boat;
    • Departure for the Chivyrkuisky Gulf and Zmeinaya Bay;
    • Lunch on the boat;
    • Arrival at Chivyrkuisky Gulf.  Swimming in the hot springs;
    • Dinner on the boat;
    • Entertainment program and overnight on the boat.

  • 4 day

    Shartlay cape

    • Arrival at Shartlay cape. Morning fishing;
    • Breakfast on board;
    • Departure for Onkholoy cape (if it is possible to visit by national park);
    • Walking on Onkholoy cape
    Onkholoy cape is one of the most beautiful places of Baikal lake. You will take a walk on the mountain Onkholoy to reach the observation platform, which opens a remarkable view on Baikal. Have some rest on benches or gazebo, watching falcons nesting in the rocks and continue the trip. It is interesting to know about the phenomenon of “Baikal optical lens” — when it seems that
    distant objects are at arm’s length.
    • Boarding and departure for Sagan-Hushun cape;
    • Lunch on the boat;
    • Excursion to white cliffs of Sagan-Hushun cape
    This natural monument is located on the western part of Olkhon island. It is a huge white-marble rock massif covered with spots of red lichen, that steeply breaks into the lake. In addition to the spectacular view, you will find here the traces of the shaft, created in the 5th century of our era and the old cave.
    • Boarding and Dinner on the boat;
    • Entertainment program;
    • Overnight on the boat.

  • 5 day

    Academicheskaya bay – Babushka bay

    Breakfast on board the boat;
    • Arrival at Academicheskaya bay, recreation center “Baikal Dunes”;
    • Excursion to Babushka bay, swimming (if desired)
    No doubt, Babushka bay is among the most beautiful places of Baikal surroundings. What attracts visitor here? Pure water bares the white sand, small picturesque cliffs, stretching into the lake and mighty pines – the symbol of bay. They are also called “stilted trees” because of the roots which protrude from the sand, and it seems like they are running.
    In summer the water is very warm here, so you can swim a while or just lay on the beach and enjoy a great view.
    • Picnic on the beach or Lunch on the boat;
    • Rest on the beach. Optional – excursion to the “Obozreniya” Rock;
    • Russian banya on the shore of the Baikal with tea herbs
    Banya – Russian sauna has always held a special place in the culture of Russian people. Traditionally it is a small wooden house, a log cabin with wood
    stove, covered by stones, which were used to generate the hot steam. For centuries, Russians believed that in Banya they were purified not only
    the body but also the soul. This experience will let you discover the sacred meaning of such an important part of Russian culture!
    • Boarding;
    • Dinner on boat (festive dress code);
    • Overnight on boat.

  • 6 day


    Arriving in Listvyanka;
    • Breakfast on the boat;
    • Landing on the shore in Listvyanka;
    • Boarding on bus. Visit of the souvenir market;
    • Transfer and the end of the trip.


Map of your itinerary


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