Zamoskvorechye & the State Tretyakov gallery

A walking tour along pedestrian zones of Zamoskvorechye. A guided tour of the Tretiakov Gallery, the biggest collection of russian fine art in the world. The museum represents the whole history of russian art from the ancient period until now.

Walking tour of Zamoskvorechye, the so-called merchant part of the city, where the local landscapes are very similar to those that are represented on the canvases of the greatest masters from the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery.

Further acquaintance with the collection of paintings of the Tretyakov Gallery, the number of exhibits exceeded 100 thousand, among them – paintings and ancient Russian icons, sculpture and graphics. You will learn a lot about the fate of artists and patrons of art, the subjects of famous paintings.

You will learn the history of Zamoskvorechye,
about the main Moscow merchant – Pavel Mikhailovych Tretyakov,
about executions and fisticuffs on Bolotnaya Square.
Also you will see: the estate of Demidov in Tolmachi, fountain “Adam and Eve”,
the Church of the Resurrection in Kadashi, 1698, – the pearl of the Kadashev Sloboda, and other merchant’s mansions, city manors, ancient temples.

Available daily, exept Monday.


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