The State Russian Museum of Fine Arts

Russian museum features the largest collection of russian art no other museum in the world can boast of. Over 400,000 exhibits reflect history of russian fine art from the ancient icons to the 20th century avant-garde, presenting all the stages, schools and genres.

The majestic scenery of the Mikhailovsky Palace presents for your attention the masterpieces of ancient Russian icon painting XII-XVII centuries, the paintings and sculptures of XVIII-XX centuries, the decorative and applied arts. You will see Bryullov’s “The Last Day of Pompeii”, “The Ninth Wave” by Aivazovsky, “Burlaki on the Volga” and “Zaporozhtsy write a letter to the Turkish sultan” Repin, “Knight at the Crossroads” by Vasnetsov, “Suvorov’s Crossing the Alps” by Surikov and many other famous paintings.

The Russian Museum occupies several buildings: the Mikhailovsky, Stroganovsky, the Marble Palaces and the Mikhailovsky Castle, the summer palace and the house of Peter I.

The main building and exposition are in the Mikhailovsky Palace.


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