Saint Euthymius Monastery in Suzdal

Saint Euthymius monastery was founded in 1352 on the high bank of the Kamenka River. Its founder and first abbot was monk Euthymius of Pechersky Monastery in Nizhny Novgorod. He led the monastery for 52 years.

Until the 16th century the monastery and all its buildings were wooden, so they have not been preserved. By the 16th century the monastery was one of the richest in Russia. It allowed them to begin stone construction of the Transfiguration Church, Assumption refectory church, monastic belfry.In the 1660s was built a 1160-meter stone fortress wall with 12 towers. In the 9-ha courtyard of the monastery are located outbuildings: gardens, orchards, stables, the prison, the refectory, the belfry, the cemetery, the temples. The monastery actually became a city within a city.

In 1766, by decree of Catherine II, a prison opened in the monastery. It existed until 1967. Among the prisoners were Decembrists, writers, economists and many politicians who were objectionable to the government.

Now the Saint Euthymius Monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the largest museum complex in Suzdal.The monastery has more than 10 museum exhibitions, performances of the male choir singing “Blagovest” and bell chimes every hour. In August, Transfiguration Feast is celebrated at the Monastery.
Opening hours: from 10:00 to 18:00. Day off – Monday. At the beginning of each hour you can listen to bell chimes concerts.


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