Kubinka Tank Museum

Home to thousands of military tanks, dating from the second World War to the current day, the incredible museum is arranged into different pavilions displaying original battlefield tanks, replica models and other intriguing military memorabilia.

The museum has about 350 units of military equipment, among which the German tank “Maus”, designed by the founder of the company Porsche. This is the only specimen in the world. Also Soviet and German, English and Swedish tanks from the very first samples to modern models.

Part of the machinery exposition is in the open air, the other – in the pavilions.

Location: Moscow region, Kubinka — Golitsyno — Seliatino** (about 1 hour by car from Moscow). Military polygon  area and  Tamanskaya motorized division.

Open: Tuesday  — Friday  10.00-18.00 (winter 17.00), Saturday — Sunday 10.00 -19.00 (winter 18.00).


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