Armenia: Ruta de la Seda 4 días.

What is Armenia? Armenia is a country with the ancient and legendary history: Armenia is the carved of stones khachkars; Armenia is the noise of water of the lake Sevan; Armenia is mount Ararat, the legendary mount described in the Bible where Noah landed his Ark; Armenia is generousness and hospitality of it’s inhabitants; Armenia is the flavor of shashlik (grilled meat) attracting guests to the table like a magnet; Armenia is the sounds of the musical instrument duduk which the Armenian people shrine in their hearts.
In XII B.C. the formation of the Armenian people had already started on the territory of the Armenian highland. And in 80-70 years B.C. the major government had been already created under the rule of Tigrane II the Great – this was the Kingdom of the Great Armenia covering the area from the Caspian Sea till Palestine and Egypt. The significant moment in the history of this country is the adoption of Christianity as the government religion because Armenia was the first country which have done it. Next event which has the significant historical role is the creation of the Armenian alphabet by Mesrop Mashtots. From the ancient years through Armenia the Great silk roads were laying and connecting Rome with Iran, India and China.
Present-day Armenia is a fast developing government, the population of the country is 3 000 000 people. From the ancient till the modern times the Armenian people often lost the independence but they never lost faith. They were overburdened with oppression of events and times, but they never lost the strength of mind. At present Armenia is the top of the mountains and the medieval monasteries, the land keeping in memory the Great Flood and the demise of the ancient civilizations, the place where the best cognac is producing, so we can continue describing this country to no end.
In Armenia you can enjoy of the great mountain landscapes, the majority of the real ancient sites which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list for a long time. The local people have a sincere kindness. However along with the chains of mountains on the small territory of the country 9480 rivers and about 100 picturesque lakes find the space to be.
The northeast part of the country is famous for the beech trees and oak forests. And if to reach the south part of the country, you can see the unique view, the largest plan-tree grove. In Armenia there are also the mineral springs and the mud fields. To recuperate the health and experience all the charms of the spa services we offer to visit Dilijan which is famous for its spa hotels or Jermuk which is famous for the hot and cold springs.
The followers of the active lifestyle and extreme kinds of sports will more appreciate Tsakhkadzor, this is a main mountain ski resort of the country. It is better to value the tastes of the famous cognac Ararat in that place where it is produced, namely in the famous Yerevan cognac factory distillery! And these are only the few things which can be told about Armenia’s gastronomy! We offer You to visit this corner of the Earth to be sure that the abovementioned facts are true!

Day 1

Arrival at the international airport Zvartnots, meeting with the representatives of the travel agency, transfer to the hotel.
Walking sightseeing tour, visit of the main sights of Yerevan. Our walk begins from the heart of Yerevan, the Square of Republic, which is known by the vocal fountains; the building of the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, the established monument for the great composer Aram Khachaturyan; the Swan Lake with the picturesque Arno Babajanian monument; the France Square and the art work by Auguste Rodin at this square and, of course, the well known Yerevan Cascade that became the centre of the modern art named in honor of Gerard Cafesjian. After that we’ll have a tasteful dinner at a traditional Armenian restaurant.

Day 2 City Tour in Yerevan – Visit of Matenadaran and Yerevan Cognac House ArArAt

Breakfast at a hotel.
Yerevan is one of the most ancient cities of the world, est. in 782 years C.E. by the King of Urartu Argishti I. Because of the pink tone of tufa which was used for construction of the majority of the city buildings, Yerevan is poetically called «the pink city».
In Yerevan there are about 5000 cultural monuments. The park of Victory is one of the greenest city squares, where the monument Mother Armenia is placed and there is a pleasant view on the city. During our excursion we visit The Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts; it is in possession of a collection of nearly 17 000 manuscripts. This day we also visit the famous Yerevan cognac house ArArAt where we have opportunity to taste and buy the legend Armenian cognac.
Return to a hotel.

Day 3 Garni – Geghard lake Sevan

Breakfast is at a hotel.
On the way to Garni our first stop is at Charents arch from which opens up the all-around view to the mountain Ararat. The pagan temple in the fortress Garni is one of the popular touristic routes of Armenia. Due to the location over the picturesque canyon of the river Azat the temple is in beautiful harmony with the surrounding landscape. 24 columns add to it the graceful architectural shape. This peripter was built in I C.E. and is the bright sample of the Greco-Roman culture (the Hellenistic period) in Armenia. On the territory of the complex the royal baths, the ruins of the royal palace and the winery are well-preserved. Upon your wish we can add to the main tour route the trip to the canyon of the river Azat where you can see the unique nature phenomenon under name Symphony of Stones.
Next stop is the rock miracle of Armenia – the monastery Geghard est. IV-XIII C.E. This was the place where the Holy Spear had been kept before it was removed to the cathedral church Saint Entchmiadzin. During 40 years in XIII the rock rooms were being carved. Fantastical acoustics and monastery interior will make you feel the strong energy that is wrapped with centuries. Next we hold a course for one of the largest high mountain fresh lakes – Sevan. This pearl of Armenia is located at height of 2000 m. above sea level. The chains of mountains conserve and take care of this valuable fresh water reservoir with an area of 1240 sq.m. Sevan peninsula is famous for its monastic complex Sevanavank est. in VIII-IX C.E. After you ascend a flank of peninsula, the all-round view to Sevan will be opened up in front of you. The year around Sevan brings joy to the guests with the tastes of fish and in summer time with the warm water. Here you can feast on shashliks made of whitefish, trout, crayfish and enjoy the famous delicacy luleh kebab made of crayfish tails.
Return to a hotel.

Day 4 Markets of Yerevan

Breakfast at a hotel.
Visiting of art market Vernissage and GUM. Vernissage is situated in the centre of Yerevan, not far from the Republic Square between the Aram and Buzanda streets and occupy the whole quarter. It works every day, but on the week-end it is rather more interesting here. There are the hand-made wooden chess and nardy (backgammon game set), ceramics, hand-made jewels, decorations, traditional musical instruments, carpets, paintings and souvenir plates. Everything except some exclusive items is at a low price. You can see there the exclusive items, so the collectors highly appreciate this market. GUM is a big market located close to the center. Could it be Yerevan without the bright and vibrant market, where you can buy not only the fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, oriental sweets? Definitely no!
Check-out. Transfer to the airport and departure.

The tour price includes:

Transfers during the whole tour (comfortable bus)
3 excursion days accompanied by the English speaking guide
Extra entrance tickets to museums and archeological areas.

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International flights;
Extra personal costs.

*The company has the right to change the sequence of excursions.