In Russia, informally, there are three capitals. It is of course Moscow, the main, and most often visited city, the capital of the “great and mighty” USSR. St. Petersburg, the capital of the Russian Empire or as it was called by contemporaries, St. Petersburg, or Northern Venice. And Kazan, the city with thousand-year history, the most senior of three cities, the largest shopping center and the capital of the Kazan khanate, nowadays sports capital of Russia. These centers are closely connected among themselves, however the atmosphere reigns in each city. There live absolutely different people, build absolutely different houses and have different religions. Let’s compare Moscow to other two informal capitals of Russia.

第一天 圣彼得堡


Arrival in St. Petersburg.
Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation at the hotel. Free time at leisure. Overnight.


圣彼得堡酒店自早餐。圣彼得堡市观光,位于俄罗斯西北部,是俄罗斯直辖市。圣彼得堡是第二大城市,称为文化首都、彼得一世皇帝梦想产物、《北方威尼斯》。圣彼得堡市内现 有许多名胜古迹、博物馆、歌剧院与剧院、公园与纪念碑、宫殿与地主的庄园。市容观光: 冬宫广场、观瓦西里岛上的交易所大楼及远航灯塔、圣伊萨教堂、滴血教堂、斯摩尔尼修教 堂。午餐后游览彼得堡罗要塞。晚餐。自由时 间。晚上可以欣赏俄罗斯芭蕾舞(自费)

Breakfast at the hotelSaint Petersburg city tour that includes all major points of interest such as Winter Palace, Nevsky Prospect, Kazan Cathedral, the Spit of Vasilievsky Island, Isaac Square and the outer part of the Church of the Savior on Blood. Visit of the Peter and Paul Fortress and Cathedral,one of the most striking St. Petersburg’s buildings. It has a rich and misterious history of a military base, a home of government departments, the burial ground of the Russian Imperial family and the site of groundbreaking scientific experiments. Free time. Return to the hotel. Overnight.


第三天 圣彼得堡


午餐后参观城外的彼得夏宫,游览及欣赏喷泉花园、远眺芬兰湾海景。彼得堡夏宫又称彼得宫,曾经是彼得皇帝的避署行宫。它位于芬兰湾南岸,涅瓦河左岸,彼得宫分为三个部分,下花园、宫殿、上花园。下花园有宽阔的草坪、花园、拥有很多喷泉与镀金雕像,是夏宫花园的最美丽特色。 由于建筑豪华壮丽,夏宫被人们誉为《俄罗斯的凡尔赛》。





Breakfast at the hotel. Visit of the main tourist attraction of Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum. Its collection includes more than three million works of art and artefacts of the world culture. Among them are paintings, graphic works, sculptures and works of applied art, archaeological finds and numismatic material. Free time at leisure
Visit to the Pushkin Palace and Park (Optional)
The Summer Palace is the heart of Tsarskoe Selo (Tsar’s Village) – one of the most picturesque parks among the former residences of the Russian Emperors. Here you may touch the atmosphere of the Royal way of life in all its splendor. It is hard to believe but almost everything inside the palace is a result of a careful restoration which had been finished just 8 years ago when works on the legendary Amber Room were finally finished after the mysterious disappearance during the World War II. Today tourists from all over the world come to the Pushkin to see the marvelous park and the Catherine’s Palace.
Visit to the Peterhof(The official opening of the fountains at Peterhof is on May 16th 2015).
Located on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, the spectacular Peterhof attracts thousands of tourists with its parks, palaces and, of course, fountains. Among the suburban parks Peterhof is probably the most famous for its fountains and thus it is frequently compared with Versailles. ‘The Samson’ of the Grand Cascade is the most powerful and magnificent among the fountains of Peterhof therefore it is a symbol of the park. As a former residence of the Emperors, Peterhof is also the home of several palaces with the Grand Palace as its main landmark. It had been destroyed by the Nazis and than was carefully restored to demonstrate the splendor of the Royal way of life. You’ll see the halls, brightly decorated with gold, marble and numerous mirrors. The beauty of Peterhof, its marvelous fountains and palaces has left nobody indifferent and neither would be you. Visit to the Grand Palace and the Lower Park. Return to the hotel.

第四天 圣彼得堡/莫斯科

酒店自助早餐后送到火车站或者飞机场前往莫斯科。抵达莫斯科, 在机场会中文向导迎接旅客,入住酒店后进午餐。然后市容观光: 著名游览 胜地-红场-俄罗斯《美丽广场》莫斯科中心点、圣瓦西里大教堂、无名烈士墓、亚历山大花园。游览莫斯科地铁。,莫斯科地铁是世界上的最美丽的地铁之一。走步欣赏著名的步行街-阿尔巴特大街。晚餐后返回酒店休息。


Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. Transportation to the railway station or airport.
Arrival in Moscow, meeting with a tour guide. Transfer to the hotel. Check-in.
Moscow city tour including all major sights of Russian capital such as Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral, Bolshoi Theater, Kremlin Embankment, Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Sparrow Hills and Moscow State University, Tverskaya and Mokhovaya Streets.
You can also be taken to visit some of the spectacularly beautiful underground metro stations in Moscow, known as the ‘Palaces of the People’. Return to the hotel by metro. Overnight at the hotel.


第五天 莫斯科

酒店自助早餐。参观克里姆林宫与兵器陈列馆(此可选择的资费)。克里姆林宫享有 《世界第八奇景》之美誉,欣赏钟王、炮王、教堂广场等。午餐后自由时间。可以到莫斯科琥珀工厂买各种琥珀珠宝制品。游览莫斯科克里姆林宫(内区域,教堂)。位于莫斯科中心筑城工事做为俄罗斯几百年历史主体地位。目前是俄罗斯总统公馆。这是俄罗斯最有名的博物馆。5座最大的城门塔楼和箭楼装上了红宝石五角星,这就是人们所说的克里姆林宫红星。每一座建筑都蕴含着俄罗斯人民无与伦比的智慧,是世界建筑史上不可多得的杰作。宫内保存有俄国铸造艺术的杰作:重达40 吨的“炮王”和200 吨的“钟王”。克里姆林宫由此成为俄罗斯备受珍视的文化遗产。


Breakfast at the hotel. Visit of the Moscow Kremlin (with its territory and cathedrals), a historic fortified complex at the heart of Moscow that has played a dominant role in Russian life for over eight hundred years.
Nowadays the complex serves as the official residence of the president of the Russian Federation. It had previously been used to refer to the government of the Soviet Union (1922-1991). It’s the most known museum of Russia and includes five places, four cathedrals and enclosing Kremlin wall with Kremlin towers.
Return to the hotel. Free time at leisure. Overnight.

第六天 莫斯科/喀山

酒店自助早餐后送机场前往喀山。司机导游机场接机。喀山是俄罗斯鞑靼斯坦共和国的首都,俄罗斯最大的工业与金融中心之一,俄罗斯最多参观旅游城市之一。青山环抱,江水如带,绿树成荫,名胜古迹甚多。市容观光。 喀山国立大学、卡班湖、歌剧舞剧院、鞑靼斯坦模范剧院、《千禧》公园、自由广场、卡赞卡河边的喀山家庭中心。参观喀山克里姆林、库尔·沙里夫清真寺、喀山圣母领报大教堂,苏尤姆别卡塔楼。喀山克里姆林是世界文化遗产地。吃饭后入住酒店休息。自由时间。

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Kazan.
Arrival and transfer to the hotel. Check-in. A panoramic city tour with visit to the most famous sights of Kazan: Kazan Kremlin, Old Tatar Sloboda, a Tatar village Tugan Avylym in the city center, the oldest mosque Marjani, Kamal theatre, Kazanka river embankment, offering unique views of the coast of the Kazan Riviera, Peter and Paul Cathedral, the miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Kazan.
Free time. Overnight.

第七天 斯维亚日斯克巴士旅行


这里地理位置优秀,旖旎的风光,成为喀山最佳的旅游胜地。 俄罗斯第一位沙皇伊凡雷帝将此作为据点,拉开了东缿的序幕。羝持人孙天笑试穿铠甲、制作俄罗斯传统瓷器、打制16世纪俄罗斯钱币,带您穿越回16世纪的俄国,领略俄罗斯的传统文化。更多精彩,敬请关注。


Breakfast at the
Bus tour to the Sviyazhsk island, located in the picturesque estuary of Sviyaga river on a hill «High Mountain». The ancient fortress built in Medieval times during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, served as a military outpost in the Volga region and the place of rest and preparation of military units to march on the impregnable fortress of Kazan. After the capture of Kazan Island-hail continued to live and tell their memories of the best and most serious times.
The tour route includes a unique historical monuments: the Cathedral of Holy Virgin, one of the oldest wooden churches of Russia — the Church of the Holy Trinity, the current Assumption Monastery with its 17th century architectural monument, the Museum of Sviyazhsk, Stables and workshops, a walk through the county Sviyazhsk.
Free time at leisure in the afternoon. Overnight at the hotel.

第八天 喀山Raifa男修道院

酒店自助早餐。参观城外Raifa男修道院。修道院离喀山30公里,坐落在小湖岸。修道院是一位含喀山许多景点地,是圣鞑靼嘳坦古老建筑之一。关于修道院雄有不 少传说。



Breakfast at the hotel. Visit to Raifa Monastery
At 30 km from Kazan on the banks of the lake, in the reserve woods located Raif monastery.
Its main shrine — is the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Georgia. The monastery complex consists of Cathedral in honor of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Georgian icon of the Mother of God, Church in honor of the Holy Fathers in Sinai and Raifa Belfry, with the gate church in honor of the Archangel Michael. You will learn about the unique history of the monastery, you can take the healing water and visit the miraculous icon.
Free time at leisure in the afternoon. Dinner at a folklore restaurant of national cuisine.
Overnight at the hotel

第九天 喀山



Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport.










Price includes:

  • Foreign language speaking licensed guide as per the program;
  • Entrance fees: as per the program;
  • Visa support Letter;

Price doesn’t include:

  • Single accomodation
  • Photo and video shooting tickets;
  • Russian visa fees;
  • Porterage;
  • Optionals;

此旅游公司保留权利改正游览行程程序或者代替相等,同时不改正整体行程项目。j酒店盛满居住时报价无效:展览会时间,国际大活动。请联系此公司为了咨询详细信息邮箱地址 或者联系我们:+7(495)7874409

The Company reserves the right to make changes to the order of visiting tour facilities or replace EQUAL without changing the full program.
 Prices are not valid during periods of high occupancy in the hotel: exhibition period, major international events.
More detailed information can be obtained by sending a request by e-mail: info@intour-mzt.ruor contact our managers by phone + 7 (495) 787 44 09 



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