摩尔曼斯克: 追寻北极光


Murmansk is a city-hero, located above the Arctic Circle at the 69th parallel on a rocky east coast of the Kola Bay of the Barents Sea. This is the biggest non-freezing port of the Russian arctic coast and the biggest city above the Arctic Circle in the world. You will see the Arctic gates – hundreds of cranes, ships in harbors, making up the peculiar beauty of the northern marine city. You will visit the nuclear icebreaker “Lenin” (it became a museum nowadays) and the most northern oceanarium, heart of the city – Five corners square, Memorial to the Defenders of the Soviet Arctic 1941-1945, Monuments to the icebreakers “Chelyuskin” and “Yermak”, Memorial to the victims of the intervention in 1918, monument to the anti-Hitler coalition, Church of the Savior on Waters, Lake Semenovskoe, an observation deck at Cape Zeleny, etc.

Day 1:
09:50 Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel in the center of the city;
11:30-12:30 Visiting the first nuclear icebreaker “Lenin”;
13:00 Transfer to the Azimut hotel, chek-in;
14:00 Lunch;
14:30 Murmansk sightseeing bus tour;
19:00 Dinner at the hotel;
«Hunting for the Northen Lights» (in case of a clear weather);
Accommodation at the hotel.



11:30-12:30 参观核动力破冰 ”列宁“船. 1959年12月份船投入运营.目前博物馆。

13:00 坐车往前Azimut酒店,入住

14:00 午餐

14:30 游览摩尔曼斯克,市容观光“摩尔曼斯克是极地首都“

19:00 酒店里晚餐


Day 2: Sami village
There is a very special and unusual place on the Kola Peninsula – the Sami village 110km away from Murmansk, and it’s a wonderful place! Sami is an indigenous people of the Murmansk region, northern Norway, Sweden and Finland.
07:30-08:00 Breakfast at the hotel;
08:30 Departure to the Saami village;
10:30 Arrival in the Saami village;
Excursion on the territory of the settlement: acquaintance with the culture, reindeer sleigh ride;

Lunch: fish soup (“ukha”), venison with potatoes, herbal tea;
Taking photos in national Saami clothes;
15:30 Arrival back to Murmansk;
Leisure time;
20:00 Dinner and accomodation at the hotel.





10:30 到达萨米村 当地游览,熟悉传统文化,驯鹿雪橇骑;



15:30 回酒店,休息时间

20:00 晚餐与住宿在酒店

Day 3: Teriberka
Pomeranian village is located at the bank of the river Teriberka, 125km away from Murmansk. The first mention about this settlement is related approximately to 1523. During the excursion you will learn the history of this place, its everyday life, enjoy beautiful views of Barents Sea and a magnificent waterfall that flows into the Arctic Ocean and etc.
08:00 Breakfast at the hotel;
09:00 Departure to the Teriberka village
Hunting for the Northern Lights during the ride;
12:30 Arrival in the Teriberka village
Зhoto session on the coast of the Arctic Ocean;
13:00-14:00 Lunch;
16:30 Departure to Murmansk;
Hunting for the Northern Lights during the ride;
20:00 Arrival at the hotel
20:30 Dinner at the hotel

Day 4:
Breakfast at the hotel;
Transfer to the Murmansk airport

All activities (with tickets to museums and excursion service (according the program);
Guide services;
Accomodation at the Azimut hotel;
Meals according the program;
Transfers according the program.

Attention! The Company is not responsible in case of an unsuccessful hunt for the Northern Lights. No refunds.


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