Explore one of the masterpieces of the soviet era created in the socialist realism style, the most sensational underground stations of Moscow. And then stroll along old Arbat street, one of the oldest surviving streets of the russian capital.

欢迎欣赏苏联 现实主义 风格苏联时代妙画,最完美莫斯科地铁站。后来去散步俄罗斯首都最老街之一阿尔巴特步行街


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Walking tour with a guide.


Many stations of the Moscow Metro are protected by UNESCO and included in the list of special heritage.



Visitors to the Moscow Metro can see the gradual development of events that occur since the opening of the subway. Each station differs from the previous one in style, decoration, and theme of events, which are depicted in everything from monuments, to mosaics on the walls, candelabra and stained glass. Numerous bronze and granite statues tell of the accomplishments of the Soviet people.

Along the Arbat there is a number of attractions, in particular,
Vakhtangov Theater, houses associated with the life of famous poets – A. Pushkin, Andrei Bely and B. Sh. Okudzhava (Pushkin and Okudzhava monuments are placed there) and the wall of memory of the rock musician Viktor Tsoi located in Krivoarbatsky Lane.



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