The Diamond Fund of the Moscow Kremlin is a unique collection of historical monuments, works of jewelry, rare specimens of precious stones, precious metals nuggets.

The history of its creation begins with the decree of Peter I (1719), according to which for a special storage of “state-owned things” a special room was allocated, which later was named the Diamond Room.

State regalia, insignia, and ceremonial jewelry were concentrated in here. Members of the imperial family wore them on special occasions. One of the most interesting exhibits is a large imperial crown, created for the coronation of Catherine II in 1762. This masterpiece of jewelry is adorned with almost 5,000 diamonds and 75 pearls. The museum also presents modern jewelry.

In the collection of gold nuggets, you can see interesting and bizarre in shape creations of nature, such as, for example, “Hare’s ears,” “Mephisto” and “The Big Triangle”. The collection replenished both during the reign of the Romanov dynasty and in Soviet times.



Opened daily  10:00 – 18:10, day off – Thursday. Sessions are held with the intervals of 20 minutes, the last session begins at 17:20.
Break time: 13:00 – 14:00.



Available dayli. 每日开门。



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