第42地堡 «冷战博物馆»

It’s a unique exhibition complex of the Cold War times situated at 65 meters underground in the center of Moscow. This is the gateway to the secret Cold War–era communications centre, ZKp Tagansky.

冷战博物馆是特殊性展览中心在莫斯科市中心地下65米。冷战保密通信中心门口厅,ZKp Tagansky。

During the tour you will visit the halls of tactical armament and radio engineering, a building hall and a walker for the high command. You will learn how the bunker is protected from all the factors of nuclear bombing, realize how close the danger of the Third World War was. Also, you learn all about the arms race between the two countries and how it led to scientific discoveries.

展览时贵宾客人访问战术武器厅与无线电工程厅, 建筑大厅,指挥所.贵宾客人来知道地堡怎么保护核轰炸因素,理解世界第三战争可能性怎么临近。另外来理解两国军备竞赛与此怎么影响科学发现。

There is also an interactive museum of the Cold War, a restaurant, banquet halls, a space for the LaserTag games.


Located in Moscow, 5-th Kotelnichesky Pereulok, 1.
Open daily: 10:00 – 20:00
It is necessary to wear comfortable clothes and shoes (without heels).

第42地堡位置在莫斯科市,5-th Kotelnichesky Pereulok, 1.





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